Baseball is officially back

After numerous days of back and forth between the MLBPA and MLB on whether there would be a season, we can now say it is back. Teams and players will be reporting for camps on July 1 for Spring Training part two and the season will start somewhere around late July.

This is an exciting moment for baseball fans everywhere as after many days of talks between the league and the players association, people can now say baseball is back. Of course, it will look different, let’s face it this year has been different, as there will only be 60 games played and a few new rules and regulations in place, but the sport in its truest form is back. There will also be no fans in attendance as with many sports due to the rise in COVID-19 concerns, however, this shouldn’t affect the players’ ability to play as they are still playing for the fans, even if they watching from home.

There may be some that say the league should put an asterisk next to this year’s title winner, however, whichever team takes home the commissioners trophy this year will have earned it. This year will go down in the history books of baseball as all sports are at the mercy of a common enemy, COVID-19, and will be talked about as one of the oddest seasons made up when all is said and done. However, the league and players have found a way to give something fans can hold onto and when newer generations ask what happened in baseball in 2020, people will have answers.

Being apart in this year’s baseball season will be extraordinary as no one has ever covered sports in the midst of a pandemic, but no fan will ever forget this season. Instead of sold-out crowds singing during the seventh-inning stretch, there will be social distancing, instead of cheering and hugs all around, there will be cleaning and safety warnings. This season will no doubt be different, but there will be many of the same things fans love, a pitcher dominating the mound, a batter swinging for the fences, a fielder making a diving catch, an umpire calling a strikeout, all of these sights and sounds will still be there. And of course, there will be someone saying, “Play Ball!”

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