The five best moves of the NFL offseason

  • Arizona trades for Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins

The Arizona Cardinals absolutely fleeced the Houston Texans for the best wide receiver in football. They not only got rid of David Johnson’s contract, but also only sent a second round pick and a fourth round pick, while getting a fourth from the Texans back. This was a no-brainer move for the Cardinals, and a brain-dead move by the Texans.

  • Cleveland Browns sign OT Jack Conklin to 3-year, $42M deal

The Browns upgraded majorly at the tackle position and did not have to overpay. There was much speculation that Conklin would demand $18M-$19M a season. The Browns were able to get him at an average of $14M, and were able to remain flexible for other signings. Browns got a big piece of the offense in Conklin at a bargain price that will not affect future moves.

  • Ravens trade a 5th round pick for DL Calais Campbell

The Ravens are in win-now mode following a 14-2 season that crashed in the first round of the playoffs. They needed to upgrade their pass-rush, and they got one of the league’s best. Campbell has played in all 16 games the past five seasons, despite concerns regarding his age. Campbell has the unique ability to rush the passer and play the run especially well, there are simply not a lot of weaknesses in his game.

  • Buffalo Bills trade for Vikings WR Stefon Diggs

The Bills have an elite defense and a quarterback at least they believe in. So, the next step off a playoff season would be to surround that QB with talent. The Bills had a less than stellar wide receiver core, but the addition of Diggs should make them one of the best rooms in the NFL. It also makes them to favorites to win the AFC East with Tom Brady finally gone.

  • Saints sign safety Malcolm Jenkins

The Saints are Super Bowl contenders as long as number nine is playing quarterback. Adding Jenkins to an already solid DB room does not hurt their chances either. They made a big mistake letting Jenkins out of the building the first time, and have come full circle to add Jenkins to a hopeful Super Bowl run in 2020. The Saints have a star-studded offense and a very good defense before adding the former Buckeye. Now, they are even better defensively, a scary thought to anyone who is not a Saints fan. Malcolm Jenkins is an addition that the Saints defense will need come next January.

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