YouTube’s Influence on the NFL

To keep up with technological advancements/dependence in today’s fast-paced world, many NFL players/teams are trying to make their presence known in places other than the field: YouTube.

YouTube is a prominent platform where anyone can see/post a video about anything (within reason), so why not add the NFL to it? In fact, YouTube provides a platform for many NFL teams to reach a broader audience and post videos other than game highlights.

As it turns out, all 32 teams have a YouTube channel!! In a copycat world, some teams have just created a channel to keep up with other teams and the ongoing trends of the world. Most team channels depict press conference coverage, team community events, player interviews, and maybe some other unique content.

Reaching a large audience via the Internet helps teams promote their brand and distinguish themselves through having a channel completely dedicated to them.

YouTube doesn’t only have to be a place for teams to talk about games or the season, some squads get creative. The Minnesota Vikings channel has a popular series called “96 Questions,” where former player Brian Robison ventures around the locker room with a microphone and asks one hilarious question per video to different players. This is a way for fans to get to know players outside the field, and witness their personality.

The New England Patriots channel usually showcases players walking into the locker room after a game, and it displays the post-game speeches/huddle. Some other teams do this as well.

In addition to team channels, some NFL players have created their own channel to detail life experiences. This provides a chance for players to distinguish themselves from the entire team, and instead focus on promoting their own name.

Prominent NFL figures with a YouTube channel include Le’Veon Bell, Juju Smith-Schuster, Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Newton, Julian Edelman, and exiled player Antonio Brown. There certainly may be additional NFL stars with a channel, or others possibly looking to start one.

Again, players don’t only use their channels to talk about or display NFL related stuff. New York Jets RB Le’Veon Bell has partaken in a music video with rapper Lil Durk as a means of showcasing his rapping game. Could this be Bell’s calling after he retires?

New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman has his own little series called “MovieTyme,” while his teammate Kyle Van Noy has a channel called Vibin’ with Van Noy’s, where he heads to a different restaurant with a different teammate in his “Elite Eats” series.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has displayed his training regimes on YouTube while having guest stars Mr. Beast and Hannibal Burress in his other videos. Odell Beckham Jr. detailed his experiences at a Calvin Klein photoshoot and the Monaco Grand Prix.

The scope is endless for the content that NFL stars can post on YouTube. The point is to showcase everything you cannot during the game, which is personality, hobbies, interests, or other talents. While team channels are ultimately more focused on the season and games, players can express themselves with their own channel.

Be sure to check out your favorite team’s/any NFL player’s channel!!

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