6 Hypothetical Teams for Antonio Brown

Amidst all the rumblings of Antonio Brown drawing interest and potentially being signed by another team, it only seems that would happen after his recent allegations are cleared. Nevertheless, teams like the Seahawks were certainly interested in the prolific, yet a troubled star, according to ESPN.

A lot of teams could use an explosive receiver like Brown. I decided to compile a list of teams that should sign him if he were hypothetically just a free agent right now. I decided to base it on contenders, as it made the most sense, and we are approaching the end of the season very soon. Here’s the list:

Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson is an absolute stud, let me say that first. As long as he plays, he keeps his team in the game. His top receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, should receive no less praise. Yet, Watson’s WR arsenal is either injured or non-existent aside from Hopkins. With Will Fuller being injured frequently, the Texans need another receiver to step up.

Houston’s RBs and TEs are effective in the passing game, lessening the load for Watson. With Antonio Brown, the Texans would be in serious contention for the AFC and the best WR duo in the league.

Indianapolis Colts

With WR1 T.Y. Hilton sidelined for a few weeks, Indy needs receivers to step up and make plays to help get the wins essential to stay in the thick of the playoff race. When looking at this offense on paper, the WRs unit is the weakest skill group sans Hilton. In fact, three of the top five receivers on the team have either been RBs or TEs.

With Antonio Brown, the Colts would have no shortage of firepower at WR and could make a really compelling case to win the AFC South and make some noise in the playoffs given their respectable QB play and solid defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Yes, you are reading this right. Let bygones be bygones and accept the fact that your receiving corps have been struggling sans Brown. Juju Smith-Schuster has had splash moments this season, but he has mostly been a non-factor in many games. With the Steelers sitting squarely at 500 with a chance at the playoffs in the weak AFC, getting AB back would provide young QB Mason Rudolph with an immense talent at the receiver.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been magical and sensational this season with a ragtag group of unknown receivers. With top WR Davante Adams being sidelined for a while with turf toe, no other receiver emerged and stood out as a top replacement in his absence. Enter AB. With a still partially hobbled Adams, the gifted Brown can shoulder a significant load. Not to mention that Aaron Rodgers would have a fancy new player added to his arsenal, one with significant upside.

Brown is the type of player that Rodgers could use right now, explosive and capable of stretching the field in a significant way. The Packers look solid this season, but AB would elevate them to a new level.

New Orleans Saints

With chatter about the Saints possibly trading for A.J. Green this past trade deadline, it brings up the notion they may be interested in bringing another elite receiver to play alongside Michael Thomas. That’s a great idea anyway since the Saints are all-in on winning this year.

Ted Ginn and Alvin Kamara have the most receiving yards after Thomas, but their stats only measure out to a little over a fourth of Thomas’ total. After that, the depth chart is filled with unproven and seldom-used receivers. This spells a need for another WR in New Orleans, one who could provide a significant boost to the unit. AB would be ideal, and the Saints saw firsthand his explosive play abilities last year when the Steelers visited the Superdome. With Brown, the Saints would look unstoppable.

Dallas Cowboys

Like the Saints, the Dallas Cowboys have a prolific running back in Ezekiel Elliott and a bona fide WR1 in Amari Cooper. Yet, they lack star power after that on the depth chart. The Cowboys’ next top receivers would be Michael Gallup and the aging, but reliable Jason Witten. Gallup has not proved himself, and Witten cannot stretch the field. With Antonio Brown, QB Dak Prescott has another elite option in the passing game, and the Cowboys would be that much stronger. Yet, no matter how much sense it makes, something tells me owner Jerry Jones may pass on this one.

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