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Week Five Update: Houston Texans

A Sunday game at NRG Stadium in Houston was a delight for Texans fans.

The Atlanta Falcons were the first on the scoreboard with a pass from Matt Ryan and a successful extra kick from Matt Bryant. The Texans evened the playing field with a pass from Deshaun Watson and a successful extra kick from Ka’imi Fairbairn, ending the first quarter tied 7-7.

Matt Bryant kicked for 35 yards at the beginning of the second quarter, with Falcons taking the lead 10-7. Deshaun Watson passes for 33 yards for a touchdown, but Fairbairn missed the extra point. The Texans take the lead from Atlanta, 13-10. Fairbairn redeems himself with a successful 50-yard kick, raising the lead for Houston 16-10. However, the Falcons end the first half with a lead of 17-16 after a 9-yard pass from Matt Ryan and a successful extra-point kick from Matt Bryant.

The Texans began the second half with a 1-yard touchdown from Carlos Hyde and a good kick from Fairbairn, with the score 23-17 Houston. Fairbairn kicked 26 yards to add another 3 points for Houston, making the score 26-17. Deshaun Watson threw an 8-yard touchdown and Fairbairn was successful again, ending the third quarter 33-17 Texans.

Falcons started the final quarter with a touchdown from Matt Ryan and a two-point conversion, bringing the score 33-25. Deshaun Watson passed for 12 yards and Fairbairn had a good kick, raising Houston’s lead 40-25. Matt Ryan passed for 29 yards and Matt Bryant’s good extra point leaves the score 40-31 with 2 minutes left in the game. The game wasn’t over, though. Deshaun Watson passed 44 yards to Will Fuller for a touchdown, and with a good Fairbairn kick, Houston leads 47-32.

An interception from Houston led to a 79-yard touchdown from Tashaun Gipson. With a failed extra point from Fairbairn, the Texans end the game 53-32.

The Texans take on the Chiefs in Kansas City next week, 10/13 at noon CST.

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