Week Four Recap

Philadelphia Eagles 34, Green Bay Packers 27

The Eagles-Packers game might have been the most entertaining Thursday Night Football game we have seen in a while. It was a shootout between the Eagles running game and Aaron Rodgers. The Packers defense got exposed on the ground, but through the air, they look great. The missed pass interference calls hurt the Packers, but you the Offense can’t stall at the one-yard line and three-yard line. The Eagles get the win and stay a game away from the Dallas Cowboys. Next game: Packers @ Dallas, Eagles vs. Jets

Tennessee Titans 24, Atlanta Falcons 10

The Titans offense looked legit or the Falcons are just that bad. The Titans are mostly known for their running but they stayed balanced at Marcus Mariota threw for three touchdowns with two of them going to rookie A.J. Brown. Derrick Henry finished with 27 carries and 100 yards. The Titans defense is legit and was surprising to see Matt Ryan throw 53 times for 397 yards and have no touchdowns. With a 1-3 start and not taking advantage of a division without Drew Brees and Cam Newton, Dan Quinn’s seat begins to grow hotter. Next game: Titans vs. Bills, Falcons @ Texans

New England Patriots 16, Buffalo Bills 10

Both teams came into this matchup undefeated, but many thought the Patriots would steamroll their way past the Bills. Nope, the Bills fought hard, but three interceptions by Josh Allen hurt the Bills chances of getting something going. The Bills defense was impressive today as even though the offense forced four turnovers (fourth was by Matt Barkley), the defense held Tom Brady 150 yards, no touchdowns and an interception in the endzone. Very un-Brady like. The Bills also recovered two fumbles. Allen did have to leave the game due to the concussion protocol in the fourth quarter and we shall see if he’s good to go against a tough Titans defense. Next game: Patriots @ Redskins, Bills @ Titans

Kansas City Chiefs 34, Detroit Lions 30

This was by far the most interesting game of the afternoon games. It was a good offensive battle with the defense making huge plays. It’s crazy to think how good Patrick Mahomes is and that he didn’t have a touchdown in this game and the Chiefs still won. For the Lions, Matthew Stafford is starting to get into a rhythm as he had three touchdowns with two of them going to Kenny Golladay. The Lions and Chiefs defense recovered three fumbles each, but Chiefs Bashaud Breeland took one to the House. Chiefs stay undefeated, but the Lions aren’t a team people can push around anymore. Next game: Chiefs vs. Colts, Lions on bye

Oakland Raiders 31, Indianapolis Colts 24

The Raiders showed so promise as they got off to a fast start and the defense made some plays, including a pick-six by Erik Harris. After the fast start, there wasn’t much going on for the Raiders as Derek Carr threw for under 200 yards and the running game was led by Josh Jacobs with 79 yards. This is a disappointing loss for the Colts as it was expected of them to win at home. The running game has stalled for a couple of games, but Jacoby Brissett led the way with two touchdowns and 265 yards through the air. Both offenses have to get going as the Raiders have a reunion with Khalil Mack and the Colts are in for an offensive showdown with the Chiefs. Next game: Raiders vs. Bears (London), Colts @ Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers 30, Miami Dolphins 10

In the first half it seemed like the Dolphins can hang around with the Chargers, but in the second half they got shut out. On the bright side for the Dolphins, they got their first lead of the season. The Chargers started slow, but picked things up. Austin Ekeler was doing it all with 18 carries, 60 yards, one TD, five receptions, 62 yards and an,other TD. We might see the production decrease since Melvin Gordon is back. Gordon did,n’t see anytime against the Dolphins. The Dolphins tough part of the season and have a real chance to get their first win against the Redskins next week. Next game: Chargers vs. Broncos, Dolphins on bye

New York Giants 24, Washington Redskins 3

Well, the Daniel Jones era is off to a great start as ever since the Giants bench Eli Manning, they are 2-0. Granted, the Giants played the Redskins and Daniel Jones didn’t have the best day, but to stay close in the NFC East is all you could ask as a Giants fan. The Redskins on the other hand look lost. Rookie Dwayne Haskins finally got into the game and made many mistakes, but I don’t think we should be surprised by that since there’s no protection or weapons in that offense. Off to an 0-4 start probably means the Jay Gruden days are almost finished. Next game: Giants vs. Vikings, Redskins vs. Patriots

Cleveland Browns 40, Baltimore Ravens 25

This was a very impressive win by the Browns as they tie with the Ravens for first in the AFC North. There’s been a lot of question marks surrounding the Browns and they started to answer them as they shut down the number one offense in the league and got the offense rolling. If the Browns can just limit those penalties, the team is going to be fun to watch. The Ravens shot themselves in the foot a lot, especially with three turnovers. Lamar Jackson finally looked human in this game, but there’s not much to worry about with the Ravens. Next game: Browns @ 49ers, Ravens @ Steelers

Carolina Panthers 16, Houston Texans 10

This was a disappointing game from the Texans. The offense never got rolling and the Panthers contained DeShaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. Kyle Allen, filling in for Cam Newton, hasn’t looked bad. He’s protecting the ball and is giving his team a shot to win games. If Allen keeps winning and draws better stats as he did against the Arizona Cardinals, we might have a QB controversy in Carolina. Next game: Panthers vs. Jaguars, Texans vs. Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 55, Los Angeles Rams 40

First off, who would of thought 95 points would be scored between these two teams? It was a crazy game overall as it featured a lot of offense, but defenses making plays. Jared Goff had a brutal day with three interceptions and goes to show Bruce Arians is going to make things uncomfortable for quarterbacks. Jameis Winston balled out and is a good first step to show that he is the franchise QB and deserves to get paid this offseason. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Buccaneers offense putting close to 55 points a game. Next game: Bucs @ Saints, Rams @ Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks 27, Arizona Cardinals 10

The Seahawks defense is legit. People always keep saying they are bound to fall off since all these players are leaving and that they are getting old, but nope. Granted, they played the Cardinals, but they deserve some respect. Russell Wilson didn’t have to do much as he relied on the run game, which could arguably be the best in football. Arizona on the other hand needs a lot of help. Kyler Murray keeps running for his life and gets sacked. The kid is fun to watch, but I don’t want this to be a short lived thing. Arizona still without a win has a great chance to get it’s first in Cincy. Next game: Seahawks vs. Rams, Cardinals @ Bengals

Chicago Bears 16, Minnesota Vikings 6

Well Minnesota, I hope Kirk Cousins was worth the $84 million to you, because this guy is horrendous. I understand the Bears defense is phenomenal, but come on, the past few meetings and the record against winning teams is a joke. Mitch Trubisky left the game due to a shoulder injury and Chase Daniel came in to play and outplayed Cousins. That’s embarrassing. For real though, Daniel was great against the Vikings and with Trubisky missing some time things could get interesting in Chicago. If Daniel balls out and wins game, we might ourselves another controversy since Trubisky hasn’t put it all together yet. Next game: Bears @ Raiders (London), Vikings @ Giants

Jacksonville Jaguars 26, Denver Broncos 24

What a game for the Jaguars. The offense was very balanced with Leonard Fournette having s career day with 29 carries and 225 yards, then Gardner Minshew II with 213 yards and two TD. Minshew mania is real and it’s fun to watch. The Jaguars are sticking around the AFC South even with Nick Foles our for a while and Jalen Ramsey requesting a trade. For the Broncos, it’s been tough as they are 0-4 and things are going to get tougher as Bradley Chubb tore his ACL. In a tough AFC West, the Broncos might be written off as done. Next game: Jaguars @ Panthers, Broncos @ Chargers

New Orleans Saints 12, Dallas Cowboys 10

This was a real embarrassing game by the Cowboys. After facing arguably the three worst teams in the league to start off 3-0, they couldn’t get anything going against a Drew Brees-less Saints. It’s one game, but it was disappointing to see Dak Prescott not perform and Ezekiel Elliot disappear. It was a huge win for the Saints though, as they are 2-0 without their Hall of Fame quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater is keeping the Saints afloat and needs to keep it up as the Panthers and Buccaneers keep winning. Next game: Saints vs. Bucs, Cowboys vs. Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Cincinnati Bengals 3

Well, this wasn’t the ideal matchup for Monday Night Football, but all it meant one team had to get their first win of the season and it was the Steelers. The Steelers break their funk and keep themselves in a tight AFC North, but for the Bengals, they are a mess. It hard to tell who’s worse comparing them to the Miami Dolphins, but luckily in week 16 we will find out as both teams are going to face each other. The big story for the Bengals too is that A.J. Green look disgusted at the Bengals struggling, so maybe keep an eye on the wide receiver and trade rumors. Green is coming off an injury soon and becomes a free agent next year. Next game: Steelers vs. Ravens, Bengals vs. Cardinals

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