Last night’s game in Louisiana marked the beginning of the regular 2019 season for the Houston Texans. With a scoreless first quarter, the Texans dominated the second quarter with 14 points while the New Orleans Saints managed to acquire 3 points in a field goal.

Deshaun Watson ended the half with 129 passing yards, 22 rushing yards, and 1 TD.

Lutz from the Saints missed a 56-yard field goal in the first half, docking a potential 3 points from New Orleans.

Whitney Mercilus secured an interception from Saints QB Drew Brees at the end of the first quarter. This is his first interception in his NFL career. Brees has only intercepted a handful of times last season – this play by Mercilus was a very impressive move for the Texans, especially at the beginning of their season.

The Saints started the second half with a few explosive plays from Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray.

Deshaun Watson seemed to already have back issues this game. He described it as “just a bruise” to ESPN reporter Lisa Salters, which does not bring relief to any Texans fans. Bill O’Brien needs to be careful with how he handles his talented QB if he wants a successful season.

Despite this, he managed to run for an exciting 18-yard play in the middle of the third quarter before his 16-yard pass to DeAndre Hopkins for a touchdown.

Near the end of the third quarter, DeAndre Hopkins earned himself a 15-yard personal foul after slamming Marcus Williams into the ground after he intercepted a throw from Deshaun Watson. The Saints earned 14 points in the third quarter while the Texans could only manage 7.

The Saints had a hot start to the final quarter with a touchdown, and the Texans are couldn’t keep up. They had a disappointing fourth-quarter until the last minute with a 37-yard throw to Kenny Stills, with an extra kick to lead by 1. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to snag a win. New Orleans got into field goal range and successfully kicked for a final score of 30-27 Saints.

The Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Houston on Sunday, September 15. You can catch this game on CBS at noon. Let’s hope for a win at home.