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Sorry Not Sorry

Most of America will not like this, but the Patriots look to be unstoppable. Again. On Sunday the Patriots raised their sixth championship banner and then dismantled the Pittsburg Steelers 33-3. The game seemed over before it started and once it was 20-0 at the end of the first half football fans around the world shook their heads and said no not again.

The biggest story for the Patriots, however, is who they added the day before., Antonio Brown is coming to New England on a one year deal worth up to $15 million with a team option for next season. Yes, Antonio Brown who is averaging 103 catches 1,371 yards and 12 touchdowns over the past three seasons. That is the newest Patriot. Before this season the Patriots had questions at the receiver after losing Rob Gronkowski and not having enough talent on the outside. Now the Patriots might have the best receiving core in the NFL with Brown, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman, and James White out of the backfield. Not to mention a top-five defense in the league, Bill Belichick as the head coach and oh I forgot Tom Brady at quarterback.

Yet again Lombardi’s Trophy is favored to be heading to Foxborough, Massachusetts and although Brown is a question, with or without him the Patriots show why they can win it all again. As America will hope Antonio Brown blows up the Patriots from the inside, remember the Patriots do not need him and the risk is very low. If he does not do his job he will be released or traded. If he decides to follow the ”Patriot Way” then we are sorry, but New England will be having yet another parade in February and another ring to show for it.

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