Revenge Games on the 2019 NFL Schedule

With the NFL season right around the corner, fans, coaches, and players are surely gearing up for the exciting 2019 campaign. But with every season brings a bevy of players to new teams. Some are big-name signings and some are meant to help bolster a team. Though all “divorces” between NFL players and teams are not publicized, think of Antonio Brown’s jabs at the Steelers still going on to some extent. What a great game it would be for Brown’s Raiders to play against the Steelers for a serving of revenge. Unfortunately, though that will not be happening this season, here are some 2019 games where players can show off their skills to their former team:

Le’Veon Bell-Steelers at Jets- December 22 (Week 16)

Though fans must wait for Antonio Brown’s revenge game against the Steelers, former teammate Le’Veon Bell will have the chance to use his fresh legs and run over the Steelers in this late-season matchup in the Meadowlands. After 5 years of trying to help the Steel City reach the Super Bowl, Bell will now look to provide his services to help the Jets compete in the AFC, which means needing to run over his former team. Still only 27, Bell is likely eager to show Pittsburgh how much he is worth and what they missed on during his 2018 holdout. This will be the most exciting revenge game, especially given the way Bell felt about his worth, and how Pittsburgh felt about dishing out a hefty contract.

Earl Thomas-Ravens at Seahawks- October 20 (Week 7)

Many Seahawks fans will remember Earl Thomas giving the team the bird while being carted off during his season-ending injury in 2018. After a tumultuous relationship with Seattle in the past few years, Thomas has a fresh start in Baltimore and a chance to show Seattle all he has still got. The jury is still undecided on a potential tribute or at least shout out by the Seahawks, since this is a home game for them after all. Whatever the case, the 30-year-old Thomas should be given the respect he deserves for his 9-year tenure in Seattle, which consisted of his membership in the Legion of Boom and culminated in a Super Bowl.

Justin Houston- Colts at Chiefs- October 6 (Week 5)

Picking up awards such as league sacks leader in his 8-year career with Kansas City, Justin Houston was a staple of that defense for many recent KC playoff runs. Now with the Colts, the 30-year-old Houston can wreak havoc on the Chiefs themselves in Arrowhead, just like he did against so many teams before.

Randall Cobb- Packers at Cowboys– October 6 (Week 5)

After his production began to dip the past two seasons, former Packer Randall Cobb has joined sworn enemy Dallas after 8 years of catching passes from Aaron Rodgers. With Jordy Nelson the lead receiver for the first half of his career, and Davante Adams emerging in the latter half, Cobb was never considered a WR1. Though he won’t be considered a WR1 in Dallas either, the 29- year-old will have a chance to show he can contribute meaningful production on the field as Green Bay comes to AT&T Stadium in the early half of the season. This matchup already brings an added juice due to Rodgers’s magnificence in breaking the Cowboys’ hearts.

Cole Beasley- Bills at Cowboys- November 28 (Week 13, Thu)

In this late season matchup, a former Cowboy will be returning to Dallas and showing what’s he got left in the tank. Like Randall Cobb, Cole Beasley played his entire 7-year career for the Cowboys, and though he was never a WR1, he was still serviceable. Now on Buffalo, the 30-year-old faces less competition for targets, and has a chance to cement a terrific season with sophomore QB Josh Allen. Why not prove it against his former teammates in Jerry World?

Tevin Coleman- Falcons at 49ers- December 15 (Week 15)

With Jerick McKinnon unfortunately on injured reserve for a second consecutive season, former Falcons RB Tevin Coleman will likely lead the RBs group as a 49er. Reunited with Kyle Shanahan and still only 26, the 5th-year player will have a chance to hone his skills, something he could never do fully in Atlanta with Devonta Freeman taking most of the carries. Now, towards the end of the season, Coleman will get an opportunity to show his full potential to his former team, and what better way to do that than run over them?

Terrell Suggs- Cardinals at Ravens- September 15 (Week 2)

This Week 2 matchup allows new Arizona Cardinal Terrell Suggs to see his former team much earlier than most new signees. Picking up so many accolades in his 16-year tenure with Baltimore such as DPOY, Pro Bowls, and a Super Bowl, it will be likely be an emotional homecoming for Suggs and the Ravens as well. Now at age 36, Suggs will have a chance to show his old team how much he still has left in the tank.

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