The Miami Dolphins have struggled as of late. Swimming in mediocrity often times because of the play at the quarterback position and management. You would think the Dolphins organization would have figured out the same problem that many fans have noticed for years. That it would take a mass exodus of sorts to sway the luck of the franchise. While there remain some familiar faces in the locker room and in management, there has been considerable changes to the roster.

The first cause of optimism might be the acquisitions of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. One important detail analysts would always miss is that former Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was not a quarterback for all his college career at Texas A&M. The traits and characteristics of a great quarterback are not just inherited overnight. A quarterback is groomed over years. The best franchises in the last decade have had two things in common. A great franchise quarterback and a great coach. You had Manning/ Dungy, Brees/ Payton, and still have Brady/ Belichick. The blueprint has been established for years now. Great coach, great quarterback and build around it.

Snatching a coach from the historic Patriots winning staff was a good start on the way to success. We know Fitzpatrick isn’t historically great, but we know he has that gunslinger mentality. For his career he has thrown 190 touchdowns but has also thrown an alarming 148 interceptions. Rosen was thrown in the fire last season for an unfortunate Cardinals offense. Now, we have seen the best and worst of Ryan Fitzpatrick. I would argue the only choice is for the Dolphins to go with Rosen at quarterback with the more than capable Fitzpatrick as the back up.

With a defensive-minded coach that has coached at the highest level, and with a championship pedigree, the Dolphins are primed to return to relevance in the NFL. With the return of Reshad Jones and second year defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick along with Xavien Howard, the Dolphins defensive backfield will be solid. Hopefully giving Dolphin fans something reminiscent of the days of Brock Marion, Sam Madison, and Patrick Surtain. Sure there is a long way to go but the foundation is set.

Some change is better than no change but the general feeling is that these off season moves have put the Dolphins back to being contenders in the division that houses the Patriots, Bills and Jets. Will these moves lead to success or the same mediocrity for the Dolphins?