After their 2-1 victory against England, the United States Women’s soccer team just earned their spot at the 2019 Women’s World Cup final. England being a formidable team, played an intense game against the American’s. They almost tied the game with a controversial penalty that was given to them. Fortunately, the USA’s goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher guessed correctly saving the United States from a possible overtime. With their amazing performance, it is no surprise they find themselves in the finals once more.

What exactly is it that makes this team the best in the world? For starters, it’s their passion. These girls have been playing since they were young looking up to other female players such as Mia Hamm. It was the origin of the US women’s soccer team in 1985 that made every girl believe she can follow her dreams. It was never about proving that women could play, it was about women finally being able to play the sport that they love.

This year they’re even more fired up because they want to be recognized for their achievements and want to be paid properly. Another very important factor is that the United States has many resources compared to other countries. They have proper fields to train in, experienced trainers, and the ability to travel. Sponsorship also helps them with the financial aspects of the team. The United States has the support of the country, other countries aren’t so lucky. Others have to pay and maintain the team by themselves.

Aside from this, the United States has top level women’s club teams. Some countries don’t even have club teams and just pick players from the street. This is where we see a difference in experience and skill. What tops it all off is that the United States women’s soccer team gets along. They play as a team and recognize that they share the same passion for the game. If egos got in the way, this team would not be at the level that they are. Their mission is too important and they know they have to work together to achieve it.

All these things combine to form the success of the USA’s women’s soccer team. There is no denying the influence that this team has. Not only do they inspire girls in the US, but also girls from other countries. They teach girls to not be afraid to follow their dreams and most importantly to always fight for equality without knocking men down. The US has to wait and see whether their final opponent will be Sweden or Netherlands. This is a difference from the last two World Cups in which the United States played Japan. Another reason why this World Cup final is going to be interesting is because both the Gold Cup, and Copa America finals are going to be on the same day.

Will the United States be back to back champions? If they win, will they get the pay raise and recognition they’ve been fighting for? We will find out on July 7th 2019 at 11:00am.