Bol Bol was drafted with the 44th pick for the Denver Nuggets late in the second round of the 2019 NBA draft. He sunk down the draft boards due to a foot injury that prevented him from playing and would evidently cut his collegiate basketball season short. The foot injury alone, has put his future as a professional basketball player in uncertainty, as many critics, scouts, and analysts began to see his value as a basketball player plummet due to big men who traditionally suffer from foot injuries rarely ever come back to perform at a high level.

However, Bol Bol is willing to prove his doubters wrong by going out and exhibiting his talents on the hardwood floor come summer league and the imminent NBA season. There has been some concerns about Bol Bol’s physique, since he’s entirely too underweight to compete with the NBA big men. Also, Bol Bol is joining a front court with a lot competition where he will have to earn himself some valuable minutes on a stacked team, that has championship aspirations.

Bol Bol is a very skilled basketball player. He has an array of many elements in which makes him an interesting, unique player. He has a similar play style to Kevin Durant as they are both slender, lengthy, very mobile, can score the ball with ease, has a certain flair to his game and is nifty with the ball. Bol Bol has such great potential and a ceiling that is boundless. He could turn out to be a transcendent talent and one of the better two way players in the league down the line. This is a low risk high reward for he Nuggets as Bol Bol could be a huge steal.