The NBA draft is night that celebrates everything that makes the NBA so special. A joyful evening all about the future, the hopes of every team and every fan. 

Zion Williamson (via NBA Twitter)

ZION WILLIAMSON (1st Pick, New Orleans Pelicans) – The Duke wunderkind stepped out onto the catwalk sporting an off-white shawl-collar tuxedo and a matching tuxedo shirt. He capped the whole thing off with a Rolex watch hanging from his left wrist. The whole ensemble is a not-so subtle nod to the king himself, LeBron James, and his draft outfit. 

Ja Morant and his dad (via ESPN)

JA MORANT – (2nd Pick, Memphis Grizzlies) – The future Grizzlies dynamo sported a killer pin-striped grey suit punctuated by family photos as the lining inside his suit. The family photos were an inspired choice but not as inspired as his dad who arrived wearing the best accessory of the night. A world-beating, eye-popping brimmed hat. Look for that soon-to-be classic headwear lining the walls of the Grizzly store next season. 

RJ Barrett (via NBA Twitter)

RJ BARRETT – (3rd Pick, New York Knicks) – The Duke Bluedevil paraded out on draft night wearing a vibrant pink suit with a black dress shirt, a black tie, gray Louboutin loafers trimmed with studs. He checked the time with audacious Cartier watch. The lining featured the famed Canadian maple leaf. Barrett may have only gone to college for one year but he managed to learn a lot using this draft night suit to create a business deal. He signed a multiyear deal with the Canadian made-to-measure suit brand Indochino becoming the first major athlete to sign with the company. Voguish and smart, Barrett will be a lethal opponent on the court. 

De’Andre Hunter (via JC Penny Twitter)

DE’ANDRE HUNTER (4th Pick, Los Angeles Lakers) – The one-time Virginia luminary strutted into the draft wearing a snazzy looking silver, sparkling jacket with a lining checkered with his hometown Philadelphia area code 215. On top of that he wears a necklace given to him by his brother Aaron. It features his father, who passed away when Hunter was seven, holding him as a baby. There’s no better fashion accessory than family. 

Cam Reddish (via JC Penny Twitter)

CAM REDDISH (10th Pick, Atlanta Hawks) – The former Duke superstar wore a custom JF J. Ferrar suit from JC Penny, with a custom liner featuring “Mama Jones” to honor a Duke teammate’s mother who is battling breast cancer. His stylish, sleek, black attire was highlighted by scorching gold and black kaleidoscope jacket. Nothing stood out quite like this dominate coat that looks as ready as Reddish to throw down some dunks. 

What a night the NBA draft was; heralding not only the greatness on basketball’s horizon but also the fact that the league’s impeccable fashion sense will continue on without fail.