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Five Reasons why the Chargers will win Super Bowl 54

As an outsider or non-fan of the Los Angeles Chargers, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Great another delusional Chargers fan” or you know someone who says this every year. Well, not this time! There are five reasons to believe this year’s team is something special. It’s even better when the team believes it as DE Melvin Ingram stated, “I guarantee we win the Superbowl this year.” The confidence in this squad is unbelievable. This team has always had high expectations.

Reason #1

The Los Angeles Chargers went 12-4 last year in Anthony Lynn’s second season as a head coach and took the team into the divisional round against the New England Patriots, who went on to win Superbowl 53. It all begins with progress and as you have seen in the short time that Anthony Lynn has been the Chargers head coach he is 21-11. In season one he went 9-7, just barely missing the playoffs. Season two he went 12-4 and clinched the second Wildcard spot as the Kansas Chiefs took the division. A strong team leader and head coach is already a good sign for this team moving forward.

Reason #2

This team was depleted by injuries with missing key players before the season even started. If this team was 12-4 without all these weapons, can you imagine what a 100% healthy team would do? It all started with tight end Hunter Henry on offense with a torn ACL which left this team with veteran and future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates to come back from testing free agency and take most of the snaps. There were also injuries to Melvin Gordon throughout the season, Joey Bosa until week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals, then after week nine the Chargers lost Denzel Perryman and Corey Luiget in week 11. This team managed to keep the next man up mentality all the way to the AFC divisional round.

Reason #3

The defense just got 10x better after this year’s draft. You have one of the best pass-rushing duos in the game with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. Then behind those guys, you have a healthy linebacker core starting with defensive captain Denzel Perryman, and behind him Derwin James, who had a phenomenal rookie year. In the draft, the Chargers picked up cornerback Nasir Adderly, who is already impressing his teammates with his speed, and ability to lead a team. This defense is stacked on all cylinders.

Reason #4

The veteran leadership on offense. Phillip Rivers is easily a Hall of Famer and he’s played in big games and knows exactly what it takes to win. Alongside Rivers, you have an outstanding receiving core that starts with Keenan Allen and ends with Mike Williams. You have Melvin Gordon who can put up yards and find holes at any time of the day or night. In other words, this team is full of different options on offense and can easily put you right back into games, or just as easily take you out of games.

Reason #5

The AFC isn’t exactly stacked, and I believe nobody in the NFC has a roster to complete with the Chargers when they’re 100% healthy. This team figured out how to beat their rivals Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City without most of their weapons. Patrick Mahomes is a phenomenon, but I just don’t believe he has what it takes to put up MVP numbers for two consecutive years. The league should be put on notice as the Chargers are the team to beat. My prediction: Phillip Rivers vs Drew Brees in Super Bowl 54 and the score will be, Chargers 35 Saints 24. The Chargers win a championship before they move into their new home in 2020 and they can put the banner that San Diego and Los Angeles Chargers fans have been patiently waiting for.

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