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The Celtics Face Uncertain Times

The Boston Celtics find themselves in an unexpected situation. After making the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and almost dethroning LeBron James in seven games just two seasons ago, they are now in what seems to be a potential rebuild with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as the center pieces.

After losing out on the Anthony Davis auction, it was reported by Bleacher Report that Celtics big man, Al Horford, had opted out of his contract leaving 30.1M on the table, and would be looking to sign a 4-year contract with a different team. This is a huge shift from earlier reports that had him opting out to help Team Green restructure a team friendly contract to open up money for the possibility to pull in other free agents. The situation has gotten so dire that it seems there may not be any return from it. As shared by ESPN reporter and commentator Adrian Wojnarowski;

“Boston and Al Horford had discussed contract scenarios, but the gulf is too great for sides to believe they can close on a new deal now, league sources tell ESPN. Horford is prepared to enter the free agency to find a three or four-year deal elsewhere.”

The Celtics have come crashing down from the heights of expectations the NBA world had for them when they signed Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and acquired Kyrie Irving. With all the uncertainty swirling around the roster it seems like banner 18 will have to wait another year or five.


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