Once, a fearful and proud club that brought excitement to game. A club that gave their fans a since of pride and a belief that anything was possible. A club that gave their fans a team that played for them! A team that not only played for the fans, but wanted to be there, that understood what it meant once you step through the doors of this club it is no longer about oneself and one’s brand. Once, you step through those doors its about the badge, fans, and the club everything else is second; until now. Now, in one full swoop this once fearful, proud, larger life club has been reduced to nothing more than to a speck of dust.

No worries, we have seen this before in Italy at A.C. Milan. To those that don’t know about A.C. Milan shortly after their 2007 UEFA Champions League success the club announced Bankruptcy from the massive accumulation of debts, then later a Front Office group that failed their fans and ultimately themselves, and Ownership group refusing to sell and go away. United is and will become this in coming years!

Narrowing down the issues right out the gate is the debt that the club has accumulated for the past fourteen years. The club was purchased by the Glazer family in 2005 for whooping 525 million pounds (661.15 million in U.S.). The purchase wasn’t in cash, but through loans and borrows from certain financial investors that helped put together the Glazers takeover. One would think that with fourteen years just passing by and the revenue stream coming in that the Glazers and Ed Woodward love to rave about you would think that the purchase debt is almost gone. Ha! That debt as of today seats at 497 million pounds. The club has been paying less than 3 million pounds a year for fourteen years.

Now, I’m no expert on financial aspects of a club, obviously, but I am pretty darn sure there are payment plans available to help oneself to payoff debt. If this isn’t concerning how about the 296-million-pound debt from player wages (Conn)? This, debt in all honesty is normal and in fact tends to happen when purchase a player, but what has me scratching my head is this failed notion and blind, lazy, pathetic line that “Our increased revenue expectation for the year demonstrates our continued strong long-term financial performance,” Ed Woodward (C.E.O.). The debt for this club sits in total at 793 million pounds; and rising!

Once, we move past the financial turmoil the Glazers and their goons have placed own this club it gets darker not brighter for Manchester United. Let us start with Ed Woodward himself. A man by all accounts is probably a good man, with high integrity and has respect from his peers. As a respectful business man that knows his way around finance and can probably teach me a thing or two on how to make money, the man has that going for him. His football sense is none existent at best. If this were you or I as Chief Executive Officer of United having Woodward’s impeccable resume we are fired and kicked to the curb. That resume being three failed manager hires, failed transfer windows for six years and counting, and etc. Experience holding this job is showing and that casting light is blinding!

So, if I can say this resume with no name attached to it is going to get someone fired why does he still have his job… well the man was the Glazers investment banker and he played a key and vital role in helping them purchase and takeover; boy have they taken over! When, the great David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down six years ago they rewarded this incompetent man title of C.E.O.

Let us keep moving down the list! How about scouting networks! Something this club above all else is known for; its youth. We have some fifty-eight scouts around the world that all should be fired and tossed to the side of the road like roadkill (Simpson). Fifty-eight scouts? Well, let us see five of these morons hold the same job title Chief Scout; one from Moyes regime, another Van Gaal’s regime, and the other from Mourinho’s, not counting the last two from when Sir Alex was in charger and now.

I mean, hey while we are at it lets get little jimmy up in here and little girl sally as well because it pays to have numerous people do the same job. Ed Woodward while we are it can you give me the name of the scout that told you Mattias de Ligt shouldn’t be signed by us cause “I fear he is going to get fat like his old man, (Woodward)” or how about explaining how the man still has his job!!

It has been reported the club wants to hire a Sporting Director which by all means is great and I have for one been calling for this type hire for four years. Just when I think something great is going to happen right on cue here is Mr. Incompetent himself to ruin it. Favorite to land the job is…wait for it… Rio Ferdinand (Kidd). This, a joke! Uhm, Woodward you do know that you hired a no name as your manager?! You do know Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has little to no experience in managing or rebuilding a club for that matter.

So, why on earth would you hire a man for the job of Sporting Director that has no experience! Jesus my best friend’s three-year old son can run this team better than you. News flash Ed when you hire an inexperience manager to coach your team as C.E.O. you turn around hire a Sporting Director that not only has the experience at the job, but will make up for coach’s weaknesses! Uh, hello! Earth to Ed bloodily Woodward… you have a manager with no experience in rebuilding a team! You wonder why the fans, you know those 75,000 plus fans that pack the Theatre of Dreams: Old Trafford for every game, want French Revolution this administration; that includes you!

While, you may think you are clever you are not sir! From the hire of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to the potential hire of Rio Ferdinand these hires are all attempts to get on our, the fans, good graces. This, tactic is disgusting, shameful and quite frankly weak, but only a weak, shameful, sorry, pathetic excuse of man would use club legends in a ploy to save one’s own behind from going under the guillotine! Keep telling us, Keep telling me how bad you want to win, how our revenue stream is going to sace us.