Argentina’s National Women’s Soccer Team is getting buzz for many reasons. They managed to come to a draw (0-0) against Japan. This fairly new team prevented the two time second place finalists from scoring any goals and made history with their first point in a World Cup game. Despite losing against England (1-0) , there is still a chance for them to qualify in the quarter finals.

England is one of the favorites to make it to the finals and yet Argentina was scored on only once. This is not a bad score, compared to the United States’ 13-0 win over Thailand and Italy’s 5-0 win over Jamaica. The star of the game was goalkeeper Vanina Correa who prevented a total of 6 goals from occurring, including a magnificent penalty save. Incredible for a mom of twins who admitted, it’s hard to find time to practice.

Argentina showed again that they will not be a team that is easily scored on. What makes it so impressive is that in 2016 this team was declared inactive and basically nonexistent. Most of the players are amateur players who have normal jobs in order to make a living. Similar to the United States, Argentina is fighting against sexism.

According to an article written by USA today, the AFA organization had stopped paying them and did not provide any training camps. They were training on a dirt field and did not have proper changing rooms. A player named Macarena Sanchez decided to take legal action against the association. At the same time the #NiUnaMenos movement started to form. This movement started as a protest to the number of women that were dying from domestic abuse.

This led to the organization agreeing to pay the female athletes as well as letting the females use the same field that the men’s team use. With everything they’ve been through, it is truly incredible that they are even in the Women’s World Cup. It goes to show what you can achieve with perseverance and determination.

Argentina has a chance of qualifying if they win their next game against Scotland. This is highly likely given that Scotland has lost both their games against England and Japan with the same score of 2-1. Defending has worked for them in the last two games but now in order to move forward they are going to have to play more offensive.

Scoring as many goals as they can should be the next objective without compromising their resilience of letting other teams score. It is clear to see that the AFA mainly cares about the men’s reputation which could be why they held them back for so long. These women are out to prove that they belong in the field and are just as good as the men.

Only time will tell if Argentina will make it to the finals. There is no denying that a final with the United States would make an interesting game. Both these teams are so passionate about the game and are fighting to be taken seriously as professional soccer players.