Taking care of a professional athlete’s health, is like taking care of a car. If you don’t change the oil every 3,000 miles, fix any leaks, and make sure the engine is running well your car may not run at it’s peak performance. If you overwork your car you may run it into the ground. The same can be said with Kevin Durant. He was overworked throughout the playoffs and now he sits on the sideline as his team lost in the NBA finals.

Warriors forward, Kevin Durant, was first injured in a game 5 match-up vs the Houston Rockets with 2:05 left in the 3rd quarter. It was classified as a calf injury and was presumed to sit out the remainder of the series and potentially all the NBA finals. He was then reinserted into the starting lineup for game 5 vs the Toronto. In the 2nd quarter, with the ball in his hand he proceeds to make a move on Surge Ibaka, when he ends up turning it over and falls to the ground. It was then later discovered that he had now torn his achilles and required surgery. Now only does this put a damper on his career, it also changes the focus of a few NBA teams


With the Golden State Warriors season coming to an end in six versus the Toronto Raptors, General Manager Bob Myers and the team now have a lot of big choices, but to not sign Kevin Durant would be a foolish move and even with his given injury, they can still offer him a max contract even though now it is almost considered as a “I’m sorry” contract.


The New York Knickerbockers had a very interesting tactic this year. After a disapointing draft lottery that won’t allow them to draft Zion, the goal was simple. Sign Kevin Durant and have him bring over his friend Kyrie Irving. Develop the young promising core and sign a few key role player you might actually have a decent squad on your hands. With KD going down, there’s no recruitment for another star to join him in New York, and your progress to success is stunted a a few more years until he fully recovers.


With the Los Angeles Lakers are looking at 2 max spots in the summer, and the trade of Anthony Davis looming over their heads adding a 3rd superstar this young core of talent would have been a huge move. Although you most likely will be giving up the 4th pick, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and/or Kyle Kuzma in the trade to get AD what you gain is all star level talent added on to a group Lebron James can trust. Although the Lakers usually like to go off on quick success, Durant with his injury might not be what they want now with an aging superstar.


Although the Brooklyn Nets did not go as deep into the playoffs as they would have liked, they still made progress that not too many people saw coming. Lead by superstar D’Angelo Russell, the Nets finished with a 42-40 record gaining the 6th seed only to lose to the 76ers. Keeping Russell is a main priority for them, but with another max contract slot open it begs the question of would they rather wait for KD to heal? Or ride this wave of success they have been having and spend the money on someone that can bring more wins now. It would certainly bring more ticket sales alone and finally prove that Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, knows what he’s doing.