At this point in time there is no denying that Kyrie Irving is a basketball genius. Coming off an All-NBA second team season and not even making it to the Eastern Conference finals just proves that the Celtics were not worthy of Kyrie’s supreme basketball skill and intellect.  

What teams are worthy to house a talent as incomparable as Kyrie Irving. The four most likely teams courting for the Uncle Drew star are the Knicks, Nets, Clippers, and Lakers. Although, only one of these teams will get Mr. 4th Quarter himself. 

Los Angeles Lakers 

As far as winning a championship now the Lakers are the best option. Even though they missed the playoffs Lebron is still Lebron, and with a consistent scorer like Kyrie added to the team they will vault into championship contenders. They still have Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma on rookie contracts giving the Lakers freedom to sign or trade for more talent after Irving. Knowing Kyrie and his past decision making there’s nearly a zero percent chance he goes to the Lakers. Kyrie wants to be the man and he can’t do that with Lebron there. He’s already shown he cares more about being the star and winning on his own than collecting rings.  

Los Angeles Clippers 

Now the Clippers are more Kyrie’s speed. Going to the Clippers makes a lot of sense for Kyrie. He gets a young hungry team who’s already proven they can win without superstars. He gets to play in the same city as Lebron and show that he was much more than Lebron’s sidekick. They even have cap space to bring in more talent and create a team that could immediately contend.  The only downfall is that they are a similar team to the Celtics where they play a team oriented style of basketball that could take away touches that Kyrie so desperately craves. 

Brooklyn Nets 

Another young team that has already proven they can win. With pieces like Levert, Dinwiddie and Allen Kyrie could step in and be the star Brooklyn is looking for to take them to the next level. It also helps that Kyrie plans on signing with Roc Nation and Jay Z who happens to be a former owner of the Nets owns Roc Nation. The Nets have enough space to bring in Kevin Durant, also signed to Roc Nation, although this could be problematic considering Durant’s recent achilleas injury which will most likely sideline him for most of the season. The question is are the Nets willing to give up D’Angelo Russell who’s not that much of downgrade to Irving and much cheaper. What makes the Nets the most likely landing spot for Irving is that they already have a playoff team so Kyrie can step in, be the superstar, take them to the playoffs, then Durant comes back and they become legit contenders. The only problem is it’s unknown how long it’ll take Durant to recover and be back at peak performance. 

New York Knicks 

Now the Knicks are perfect for Kyrie. A rock bottom team desperate for a superstar to turn things around. He will be crowned their savior before he even sets foot on the court. He can build his own team unlike the Nets and Clippers that already have solidly built rosters. As Kyrie has shown he doesn’t work as well on teams that already have cohesion and chemistry. The Knicks are the most likely to do whatever their superstar wants and they would give Kyrie the freedom to control the team he wants. They will also bring in another all star such as Kevin Durant, but considering Durant’s injury it would be up to Kyrie to carry them to the playoffs unlike the Clippers and Nets who are already good enough to make the playoffs without him. If Kyrie wants to win now the Lakers, Clippers, and Nets are better options than New York, but if he wants to have a season where he gets as many touches as possible and have a chance to compete for MVP there’s no better place than New York. 

At the end of the day no one can say what Kyrie Irving is thinking. His brain functions at a much higher rate than us casual basketball spectators. There’s plenty of options for him to be in a spot to win a championship next year it’s just up to him to make the right decision.